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Augmented Home

An AR Snapchat filter for envisioning furniture



While learning about virtual and augmented reality, a friend and I saw an opportunity to use what we learned towards a Snapchat filter that would allow people to place and customize AR furniture in their living and working spaces. Although there exist alternatives to accomplish this, we found that users preferred a platform with more options for customization and convenient sharing. I designed and implemented features in a single-screen filter that would best match users' needs.

My Role




User Research, UX Design, Scripting

Nov 2020 

Lens Studio, Sketch, Figma

Tae Yong Namkoong


Multiple businesses in furniture have launched solutions to view their products in an AR capacity, but the visions that these solutions can deliver still limit the choices of furniture to what the businesses themselves have available. This strips people of the freedom to customize furniture to their own vision. People need an AR furniture solution that offers more options for customizing certain specs such as the color of furniture.

*Case study still under construction. Please contact me at for more details.

Process + Demo Video

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