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Graphic Design 1.0

A collection of static designs

I call this series "Graphic Design 1.0" because, despite my growing passion for more interactive designs, these static pieces mark my entry into the field of design and still hold a special place in my heart.

Type Specimen

IBM Plex is an international typeface family designed to capture IBM’s brand spirit and history, and to illustrate the unique relationship between mankind and machine. My goal in designing this type specimen was to showcase the versatility of the font family across different contexts. 

Type Specimen
MARZ Poster

Poster for Madison Asian RapperZ

When I was tasked to charter a new brand design for the Madison Asian RapperZ (MARZ) community, I wanted to first prioritize understanding what members of this organization valued. I conducted a group interview with eight MARZ members, documenting their responses to these questions: . Because this was a multicultural community, consisting of both Chinese and American natives, I decided that my design would capture this element using both Mandarin and English keywords. 

MARZ Initial Sketch.png

Initial rough sketch

Final Design

MARZ Final Sketch.JPG

Poster for Live Performance



Typeface and photography are two of my favorite realms for creative expression. This ABCDerium is a synthesis of the two, exploring the convergence between 26 letters in the alphabet, 26 classic and new fonts, and 26 photo snippets that capture my moments of joy at home and abroad. Nevertheless, my search for connections between typeface and everyday objects does not end with this booklet: I aspire to make it a life-long hobby. 

Front Page.png
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