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Visionary Prelude

An exploration of dynamic sound visualization



Visionary Prelude is a product of my experimentation with different sensory modalities, namely the visual and auditory senses. This is a piece that embodies the intersection of my areas of study: computer science, psychology, and graphic design. In terms of technical implementation, Visionary Prelude makes use of computer code to generate vivid motion graphics and map patterns of variation in response to sound. From a psychological standpoint, the different densities and movements of particles throughout Visionary Prelude represent the distinct developmental stages from birth to growth to decay, especially in the senses such as vision and hearing. The interconnectedness of nodes or particles visually resembles the neural connections that facilitate biological development. This theme of sensory development also gives rise to the outline of the graphic as the iris of an eye.

My Role



Graphic Designer, Programmer

March 2020

Processing.js, Java

Click here to see my work featured at UW-Madison's Digital Salon 2020.


I first used the external audio library Minim to extract information about the audio input files, as well as the AudioPlayer library to create a sound buffer linking the audio’s movement to the graphics. I then experimented with different trigonometric equations to test different visual renderings. Some of the initial outputs I generated are shown below. 



The video below is muted by default. Please unmute at your convenience to experience the synchronization of the audio with the graphics. 

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